Poisonous Fish

A Puffed Fish


Though fish do not contain the zombie virus that is harmful to humans, some forms of water life do contain other things that can be harmful to humans. Some fish that look delicious are naturally poisonous. Their livers, ovaries, and skin possess powerful venoms that can cause human muscles to fail while the victim remains conscious of the paralysis and asphyxiation. Some of them merely cause a painful sting.


A lionfish with insane wing fins.


If you or your family have relocated during the zombie crisis, or if you live on a traveling boat or floating sanctuary, you should be aware of the following fish and their appearances: the puffer and balloon fish, the soapfish, the stonefish, the toadfish, the catfish, the turkeyfish, the scorpionfish, the lionfish, the firefish, the stargazer, the naso and paracanthurus surgeonfish, the orbicular velvetfish and the saber-toothed blenny.



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