Fish FAQ

Q. Are there any fish left on the planet that are Infected?

A. Yes, there are fish infected with the Ictheffigius virus, but only in laboratories, and usually only for twelve to fifteen hours after their studious scientists Infect them. Fish die rapidly when Infected. Unlike humans, they do not wander or survive with the virus for long periods of time, and thus, in natural waterways, the fish purified their environment much faster than we bipeds.

Fish swimming together.

Q. Weren’t fish the original source of the zombie plague?

A. Yes, fish were the vector of infection between the evolution of the Ictheffigius virus and human Homoeffigiamius victims, but humans cannot transmit the virus back to the fish. All wild fish are currently free of the Ictheffigius virus and safe to eat. Those bulging eyes, non-descriminate eating behaviors and aimless swimming patterns are normal fish behavior.

Q. Aren’t fish dangerous?

A. There are many dangerous forms of sea life, but they are not dangerous due to the Ictheffigius virus. There are poisonous fish, fish with parasitic infections and fish that will bite, maim or eat you, but they will not turn you into a zombie.

Q. Are fish part of a balanced diet?

A. Yes, if you follow the Ranger’s Nature and Nutritional Fund guidelines for healthy fish consumption, fish can benefit your health through Omega-3 amino acids, proteins, vitamins, minerals and an increased caloric consumption.


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