Fish Safety

Rumors and superstitions about fish have persisted for many decades after Ophelia’s groundbreaking fish safety work, but fish are almost completely safe to eat in moderation.


Fish Are Mostly Safe


You can eat many forms of sea life. They are nutritious, plentiful, and NOT infected with the zombie virus! A fish infection in the wild has not been confirmed since 1985, and it is suspected by the Ranger’s Nature and Nutrition Fund, that, due to the high mortality rate among fish, infections would have run their full and complete course by 1987, 1988 at the very latest. The fish have been safe to eat for dozens of years. There is now no reason to completely avoid this low-cost food supply when fish can be a very socially conscious source of protein. There is no need to pilfer your neighbor’s herd or garden. Pick up a fishing pole and put a delicious flopper into your mouth!

Here’s how to dig in safely:


Poisonous Fish

How to Clean a Fish

Fish and Heavy Metals

Avoid Future Disaster

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